Who We Are

Having a passion for water and the conservation thereof, we have been actively involved in water backup solutions for the past 7 years. Specialising in Rainwater Harvesting and municipal backup solutions, we also do a great number of irrigation systems, both manually and electrically controlled.


Our products

Rainwater Harvesting

Any roof surface with gutters can be used to harvest rainwater. The size of the tank is determined by the roof surface and the number of persons needing to use the rainwater. Two options are available, dry system and wet system. The more downpipes are installed catching the rainwater, the more water will be caught.

Municipal backup

Municipal backup systems are perfect solution if council water is being regularly cut in your area. The municipal water is directed to the tank, fills up the tank and then fed through to your premises.

Greywater Harvesting

Grey water means the water from a bath, basin, shower and washing machine. This water can be harvested and used to irrigate your garden by means of drip lines. Water from sink is not suitable as it contains animal fats/products

Meet our team…

Derick Hugo

Operations Director

Kathy Hugo


Amos Chacate

Team Leader